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Go-To-Market Fit

Sighty delivers customer-centric and analytics-based Go-To-Market Fit (GTMF) solutions.
GTMF is about consumer behavior and reimagining of business.
It creates new customer experiences to meet changing business opportunities.

Innovation means bricolage, optimization, disintermediation and disruption.


A useful GTMF strategy identifies a target audience, includes a marketing plan, and outlines a sales strategy.

It should identify a market problem and position the product as a solution, while each product and market will be different.



Product – What do you sell?
Price – How much do you sell it for?
Place – Where do you sell it?
Promotion – How do you get customers?
People – Who is involved in delivering your product?
Process – What are procedures of delivering the product?
Physical evidence – What are tangible elements of your service the customers will interact with?

Consumer – What are the needs and wants of the consumer?
Cost – What are the overall cost to the consumer?
Convenience – How do you make your offering accessible?

Communication – How do you establish two-way communication with the consumer?

Awareness – How many people do you reach?
Acquisition – How many people visit your website?
Activation – How many people take the first important step like sign-up,

installing an app or posting their first comment?

Retention – How many people come back for a second/third/tenth time?

Revenue – How many people start paying? And how much do they pay?

Referral – How many people refer friends to your business?

Sighty shows how to analyze data and sights better.

Data → signals, know-nothing.
Information → useful, organized, structured.
Knowledge → contextual, synthesized, learning.

Wisdom → understanding, integrated, actionable.
Decisions → change, movement.

Hindsight: descriptive analytics → What happened?
Insight: diagnostic analytics → Why did it happen?
Insight: predictive analytics → What will happen?
Foresight: prescriptive analytics → How can we make it happen?



Strategy, market analysis, localization.
Product test, launch.
PR, ads, customer feedback.
New customers, customer retention – loyalty – advocacy.
Customer experience management, customer relation management. Sales – prot management.

Cooperation partner, exit strategy.



Product as craftsmanship to a specic situation at the right time, in the right way.
It shows how to do things and why to do things.
It shows from the simple to the complex and breaking the complex down to the simple.

It communicates directly, frequently, consistently, tactfully and compassionately.

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